Quality over Quantity..

 as an addendum to the below post.. I feel that it is important to look for quality or quantity when selecting pieces for your wardrobe.. Yes you may not have as many items at first, but over time you will build an amazing wardrobe that will stand the test of time. Yes in the short term stocking up on items on sale or items from Forever 21, and places of the sort will fill your closet (but they are items that will not last either due to quality or the trend ending)

With that being said what are somethings to look for:
Buttons- look to see how they are sewn on, and even give them a tug to see if they will come off (this to me is not a huge thing, as I often change the buttons on things and know that they can be sewn back on fairly easily)

fabric- Look at the fabric content. and the washing instructions

lining- be sure that lining on dresses, skirts and jackets lies flats, if you can see the lining now it will only get worse over time

pattern- this is my pet peeve- make sure that the plaids, stripes, and patterns line up on seems.

Seams- speaking of seems look to see what kind of stitch was used, and that there are not loose threads.

I know the above makes me sound a bit OCD when shopping. But I blame it on the many a textile class that I took in college, and and thankful for it.

also my own rules of thumb
1. if you wouldn't buy it at full price due to quality or fit don't buy it on sale
2. no matter how much you love a piece if it doesn't fit you don't buy it
3. make a list of what you need and keep it in your planner so if you are out, you don't get distracted
4. if you LOVE a piece buy two

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