Wardrobes made simple..

I came across the below article in Real Simple, one of my favorite magazines, and I immediately  ripped it out to use and expand upon.. Working in retail, I am often asked the questions of "is this a wardrobe essential" "what all could I wear with it", etc.. 

So what are in my opinion the staples of every girls wardrobe. That she needs to have
2 pairs of jeans (one to wear with flats and one to wear with heels)- I prefer dark jeans
Black dress pants
Casual Chinos
simple black skirt or dark tailored skirt
simple summer skirt (khaki or neutral color)

white button up (I love Banana Republics)
fitted T shirt in White, black and gray (I love Gap Favorite T's)
Long sleeve T is white gray and black (again, Gap I buy the supersoft each holiday)
Cardigan- white, black, and a minimum of two colors)
Simple, crewneck or V-neck sweater
denim jacket
black and navy blazer
classic pea coat

ballet flat - one in neautral color and one fun color/pattern
black heels
neutral color heels 
flat boots (black and brown)
flat sandals
evening shoes (something simple in silver, gold, etc)

While the above of course will be expanded upon to create the perfect wardrobe. The above is a great start to building a great wardrobe. They are pieces that can mix and match and will become staples. They are items that you can spend a little bit more on, as they will live in your closet for quite sometime. They are also something that I am ok paying a bit more for quality and fabric so that they do last longer..

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