Weekly Savings..

 Several of my friends and readers inquired about C & I's couponing and asked if we were buying things we would regularly buy, what were we buying, how much etc.. I thought I would share our shopping trip yesterday..

Item                          Price                        Coupon        Paid       Saved
  1. Listerine 1 litter        4.99(1.00sale)            1.00               3.99        2.00
  2. Cetaphil facewash     7.99 (2.00sale)           2.00              5.99        4.00
  3. Purina Fancy Feast    12.99 (2.00sale)         1.00              11.99      3.00
  4. Tampons 40ct            5.00 (1.99sale)          1.00              4.00       
I bought 3 boxes of Tampons for a total savings of                     8.99
and we received a $5.00 gift card                                                   5.00

Total saved at Target 22.99

  1. BOBO Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast   Saved $8.30 (bought 2)
  2. Stove Top Chicken (bought two) had two 1.00 coupons- saved 2.00 (note had to buy above chicken breast to qualify) 
  3. Tidy Cat litter BOGO 10lb bag, used 1.10 coupon on each bag making each bag .23 cents.. saved $4.40 (we bought 4 bags)

Total saved with BOGO and coupons 22.38

This was actually just a quick trip to the store, as we had some of C's friends over for dinner and he requested the Sour Cream Chicken Cassarole, so I needed to pick up Chicken and Stuffing, and a few things. 
We were also out of litter, I was out of facewash & C was out of mouthwash.  After seeing some of the things on sale at Publix (and the new ad come out Tuesday) we are going to run to Publix in the am to grab a couple more things on sale
  1. Classico Pasta Sauce BOGO $1.00 each coupon makes them .35 each. we are going to pick up 6
  2. Tidy Cat- such an amazing deal. 10 lbs for .35 each. This is something we will always NEED. We are going to pick up 10 bags tomorrow for $2.07.. this will last a month or two until they go on sale again
  3. Philadelphia Cooking Cream- we have been wanting to try it. It is on sale 2 for $4 and I have $3.00 in coupons. so I am goig to pick those up to try
  4. I am also going to pick up a BOGO boneless skinless chicken breast to freeze
  5. Birdseye frozen vegis are BOGO, and we have 1.75 in coupons.. we will most likely make money of this..

Hope this helps to explain, we do our regular grocery shopping each week, but since we have our monthly meal planner (rolling so we always have 4 weeks ahead) we can capitalize on things when they go on sale.. We have noticed that things seem to go on sale every 3 months. So when they are things we will 100% use (ie: litter) we will stock up until the next sale... We of course always look for the sales on meat and buy extra to freeze.. and then use any sales on produce and fresh vegi's to add to our weekly meals!


  1. Inspiring! All your couponing posts are so helpful. I plan on starting soon. Especially collecting cat food and litter.

  2. BSA- of course.. I plan to start posting our shopping lists, trip and savings weekly.. hopefully others can take some tips and tricks and save as well..

    if your cats can eat dry food, you can save tons more.. Looking forward to when Henry heals from his surgery so we don't have the expense of the wet food