Welcome home..

 it is nice to be home. I truly missed "my boys" while I was away.. There is something to be said for pets.. they are truly members of the family. They greeted me at the door when I arrived home, and were ever so loving.. They followed me all afternoon/night. While putting away things in the bedroom, I opened the window for them, and while I was nervous they were going to literally jump out of the window at the birds passing by, they eventually gave up, and came to join me in the office.. 

 Below are photos of my furball, Henry. You can see how much weight he has lost since his surgery. he is still eating only soft food, and the vet says he may actually have to convert to soft food only for the rest of his life.. Sigh, this could be expensive (note I said could as C & I are determined to never pay full price for cat food)

Beau made sure my chair in the office was kept warm while I was out of town. C sent me numerous photos of the munckins. Below left is Beau sleeping in my office chair, and below right Beau and Henry are showing some brotherly love..

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