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 In December of 2010, I turned 30! When turning 30, I kept getting asked, "Did you accomplish everything you wanted to accomplish before you turned 30?" The answer was I never really made a list. So this January I made a list, and I have been working on it throughout the last 6 month.. I thought it was only fair to check in halfway thru the year to see where I am..
  1. Try 30 new restaurants.  I have tried a few but nothing to write home about.. any suggestions send my way..
  2. Read 30 books I haven't read, I have the list in my planner at work, I will do a post on this soon. Any suggestions send my way
  3.  Take my blog to the next level. (I have yet to come to a conclusion of what exactly this means, but I would love to gain followers, streamline the look of my blog, and potential even gain sponsors) One this is for sure I would like to have at least 30 giveaways (if you are interested please contact me) I did one giveaway, and have a 2nd planned! still tons to do here
  4. Make weekly Date night a part of our routine..  define date night? we still need to get better at this..
  5. Send 365 days of correspondence (you know I love an excuse to buy new stationary) I am doing well, so far I have send over 155 pieces of mail, from thank you notes, to sympathy cards, thinking of you cards, birthday cards, etc.. I am loving sending mail, and have seen that I am starting to receive more as well! I have also continued to make a ton of my own stationary!
  6. Purge and donate old clothes from closets at least four times (once each season) and encourage C to do so at least twice One big purge complete. We filled C's trunk with clothes & were able to clean out an entire dresser. Next up the guest bed room closet that houses my coats, & winter clothes..
  7. Take a cooking class
  8. Write 3 letters to a company when I receive great service or I like their product I wrote Pureology a letter, and also wrote a letter to Ralph, the amazing car salesman that was respectful, knowledgeable, and polite when C and I were looking at new cars. He actually called and thanked me for the note, as his boss, has showed it to the owner, who had then recognized Ralph. (so glad he received recognition)
  9. Update will/living will
  10. Make a photo book of C and I's trip to the Plain States (ND,SD,MN,ID,NE,WY,MT) just finished and it is shipped, can't wait to see the finished project!
  11. Work out three times a week, three weeks in a row
  12. Give an "I saw this and thought of you" gift each month to someone I know so far so good. Can't wait to give JSBH the prezzie I found online for her!!!
  13. Go to the top of the capital of Florida (seriously I have lived in Tallahassee for 12 years and never been) 
  14. Visit 3 other state capitals
  15. Take a girls only trip
  16. Visit 5 more states with C (We have already been to FL, GA, SC, NC, VA, WV, TN, MA, DE, NY, NJ, MD, NH, VT, PA, CT, ND, SD, MN, ID, NE, WY, MT)
  17. Visit 3 more states that I have not been to (left I have OR, WA, MI, ME, RI, HI, AK, CO)
  18. Apply for a Graduate program
  19. Learn a new sport (or just try it at least twice)
  20. Attempt to learn how to play a video game (Chris may get frustrated with me before I actually master it)  I tried, not so successful, but I think C appreciated my attempt
  21. Pay for the person behind me at a toll or drive thru at least 3 times  Done twice while in Dallas!
  22. Plan a surprise date/trip for Chris
  23. Buy flowers/send flowers to someone anonymously done! and they were soo thankful!
  24. Make a homemade pie
  25. Save more than I spend on a trip to the grocery store done!!! and I even made money at the grocery store last week
  26. Research a "friend" for Henry, and discuss options with Chris Done, Beau is now a member of our houshold
  27. Take Chris to a Pro Football game (gasp, he had never been)
  28. Research London Olympics 2012, and make a decision /budget pertaining to attending
  29. Send "just becuase" cards to my grandparents at least 10 times
  30. Gain at least 2 more advisors for Alpha Chi Omega at Florida States Advisory board One new member has joined, I am looking forward to kicking off 2011 with an amazing board!
I will update the list as I complete things, and I am sure do posts on some of them as well.....
Do you have ideas for things I can put on my 2012 list, feel free to contact me.

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