Brooks Brothers Launches College Clothing Line
Huffington Post shared an article today that Brooks Brothers will be launching a College Clothing line. 
In event that seems anti-climatic merely because of its sheer inevitability, Brooks Brothers is now selling college gear to Harvard, Princeton, Cornell and other schools.
Bloomberg has more:
The merchandise line is a vehicle for Brooks Brothers to reach fans of college sports who, according to IMG, earn more money than followers of any professional sport, including the National Football League. “The key for us is re-establishing our connection with what we call the college community -- students, faculty and alumni,” Karl Haller, vice president of strategy and business development for Brooks Brothers, said in a telephone interview. “We have a pretty well-educated customer and there’s a built-in opportunity with alumni who are already our customer base.”
The "other schools" include NYU, Alabama, Vanderbilt, Georgetown, Virginia, Auburn, Boston College, the U.S. Naval Academy, Georgia, Ohio State, Stanford, and Notre Dame.
How does this array of schools compare to our preppiest schools slide show, we wonder? Tell us in the comments section."
 Now of course, I was excited to hear this, as Chris loves himself some Brooks Brother. But I was sad to see that UMass-Amherst, and Florida State were not included. I guess I should not be surprised, but I'll keep my fingers crossed..

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