Dallas part 2

 After wrapping up RFM training, I was able to meet up with my friend, and fellow Alpha Chi Omega, Marlene who lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We traveled to the SMU Chapter house. I of course snapped a few photos to share with my Alpha Chi followers..
 They had a beautiful back patio with seating to eat or relax. I especially loved this table that has the Alpha Chi inset.
 They had a boys sitting room (on the left) as boys are not allowed in the girls sitting room. And a beautiful front dinning room with large round tables.
Their front formal living room is scheduled to be redecorated this year, but Marlene shared with me that the ladies love the antique rug on the wall, and refer to the lady in the rug as Hera.
 With Beta Eta's Bathroom remodel on the horizon, I of course had to snap some photos of SMU's recently renovated bathrooms.

 and I will leave you with another photo of their house from the front, and then below are some photos I snapped after dropping off my car at the car rental center in DFW. Only in Texas, but so fun none the less!

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