Guest Bedroom Headboard Complete!

 Some of you have been following along, as I posted photos of completed rooms, and projects for the townhome C & I moved into in January. If you haven't you can click on 2011 in the tagged past posts to the right, and follow along.

One of the rooms, that has been haunting me is the guest bedroom. I initially was at a loss for what to do for the headboard. We used C's college bedroom furniture in the room (which is a light wood) and decided to make the room a homage to our international travels, especially the time both of us spend in France.

You can watch the rooms progress here and here. After moving in all of the furniture, I decided I wanted to make a headboard, I began looking for inspiration, and came up with these photos. After talking with C, we decided we wanted something white, simple, and something with a texture to it..

Today we worked to complete the headboard. Photos of the project are below.

We first decided on how big we wanted the headboard to be from the mattress. We opted for 48' from the floor, this would allow it to fit under any light switch if we ever moved it. Then we were able to get a pre-cut wooden headboard from a local mattress store (you could easily cut your own from a piece of plywood). The plywood was then covered in two layers of batting to give it the amount of "poof" we wanted. (note if you are going to add buttons I would suggest adding more "poof")

Next up we worked to cover the headboard with the selected fabric. We started at the top, and worked across and then down. We used half inch staples (I would suggest not using anything smaller, as we initially tired smaller staples, and they were unable to get thru the layers of batting and fabric)
1st we laid the fabric over the headboard to see exactly how we would want to cover it.
 this is actually the top of the headboard
while the corners are not as pretty as I would like on the back, we opted no to cut the fabric since we had already stapled it and no one would really see it. If we were to cut it, we worried the staple would have trouble going thru so much fabric and batting. 
Lastly we completed the legs, cutting a small hole in the fabric for the bolt to later go thru to attach it to the bed. (photo on the left is pre-hole) C and I switched off stapling and holding/stretching the fabric tight to ensure no wrinkling.
Once the headboard was completed we brought it upstairs to attach to the bedframe
After attaching the headboard, we made the bed, and added the pillows we currently have.
It is official we love the new headboard. The question how is what to do with the B & M frames. They are from my old bedroom (a D used to occupy a frame (larger than the BM frames, and smaller than the current frame) completing my monogram) I would like to place a silhouette of C & I in the frames, or even a silhouette of Henry and Beau) C would like to replace the M with a C. Needless to say we have no definite plan for what do replace them with, and are open for opinions, & suggestions, so please comment and let us know your ideas.
We currently just have 2 white pillows, and two paris pillowcases. Tomorrow, I am going to sew new Euro shames for my old pillows below, and perhaps cut down the Eiffel tower pillowcases to make decorative pillows?? I am looking forward to the project.. and the room will be one step closer to complete.
The next fun project is calling the upholster man to pick up the chair I posted about here to recover. We found the most amazing fabric, and picked it up this past week. I can't wait to share the finished project! 

After we pick up the chair, and determine what to put in the frames above the bed, we just need to find a small chair for the desk in the room!


  1. Wow! You guys did a great job on the headboard! Love the fabric!!

  2. Thanks! It was actually quite easy!