Traveling Runs in the family...

You might of remember my previous posts when Chris and I took off on a crazy road trip up the East Coast to Canada and back, (click here for the 1st post of the trip, and follow up on our adventure) or when we went to North this past fall.  (here) So far together Chris and I have traveled, FL, GA, SC, NC, VA, WV, MD, DC, DE, PA, TN, MA, NY, NJ, CT, NH, VT, SD, ND, MN, WY, MT, ID, and NE.. Yep 24 states in total! (this is only that we have been to together, we are both VERY close to 50)

Anyways, this post isn't about my travels. This post is about my brother! I love that he is such a free spirit with a passion to travel. We will forever have travel as a shared passion, and I feel we are lucky to have such supportive parents in this arena. They have always encouraged us to travel, and to see the US/World. We all have great stories from our travels to share. And it is especially neat when we are either able to meet up somewhere while traveling, or tell stories about location we have all been to, but at different times.

Recently, my brother decided to embark on "road to remember" (note I called it this, not him) He is in the midst of driving his motorcycle from Florida to California and back. He strapped all of the below to his motorcycle.  Quite an impressive packing job if you ask me.

We were the first stop on his trip. He stopped into Tallahassee and we were able to catch up, and grab a bite to eat, before heading to bed. Bright and early he headed west to Baton Rouge. My brother is a great photographer, and has managed capture some great images on his trip. My favorites are his images with the state signs along the way. (something Chris and I have been able to do in ALL of the 24 states we have been to)
I can't wait to see if he is able to capture all of the state signs on his trip back East, and look forward to catching up with him as he drives back thru! 

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