Will you be my bridesmaid?

My friend Dani, sent this my way as she knows I love all things weddings. These are right up my alley, and I'll be saving them for future use! You could use them to ask your bridesmaids, or use them with a different message to thank bridesmaids. Each Sugar cookies is wrapped in cellophane, a coordinating ribbon and calligraphy gift tag The Cookies approximately 4½ “ x 5". You can click here to see the site and order your own. Please note all images below are form the Navy and Lavender site..

and they even have cookies for the ring bearer and flower girl.. so cute right??
Update.. I also found them here


  1. My friend's sister did the same thing when she got married! It's adorable.

  2. I have the dress cookie cutter! So if you decide to do this I'd be happy to make them for you!!

  3. A- love it!!

    L- I might take you up on that one day!

  4. Extremely cute, but affordable? If you are handy like Lexi, yes :) I don't think I could coordinate cooking, icing and MAILING them without them falling apart. But I am slacker (hence no blog - ha, ha)

    Britain, cookies as take-aways are so cute and easier to handle (and more affordable I would think) than cupcakes. for cupcakes wouldn't you have to buy containers? but then again, I guess they sell wholesale stuff like that and it is a tiny price compared to 4 in a package at Michael's ... A friend in Gainesville and her hubbie both went to USC and they had Gamecock cookies as their take-aways - SO CUTE.