Football season is just weeks away

 Do you have a list of things you want to try at tailgates this season??? Goodness knows I do:

1.  Kraft Foods pizza
19 slices OSCAR MAYER Pepperoni
1   frozen cheese pizza (12 inch)
1 KRAFT Singles, cut into strips

ARRANGE pepperoni slices in football shape on top of pizza.
BAKE pizza as directed on package.
ARRANGE Singles strips on center of pepperoni for the football lacings.

2. Football Woopie pie

I found the Football Woopie pie above on Makemerryevents.com. She used the recipe from Bon Appétit with just a few changes: To get a darker brown color (more similar to a football) she substituted dark brown sugar instead of the golden, and sifted about ¼ cup of cocoa into the dry ingredients. 
The key here is finding a mini egg shaped pan. Apparently Wilton used to make them, but now they’re discontinued. She found hers on ebay and there is a larger and pricier version at Bakedeco.com. You might be able to find them at your local craft or baking supply store. I am totally keeping my eyes out for the mini egg shaped pan, (readers, let me know if you find one) 
Make Merry Events bloggers notes: Make the batter according to the recipe (and her changes) then scoop them into your well-greased pan – nearly full, with tops as smooth as you can get ‘em. 18 minutes at 350 was perfect for me, so you might want to start checking them around 16 – 18 minutes – they’re done when a toothpick inserted into the middle of a cake comes out clean.
To fill and decorate them, cut each cake in half and gently brush off any large crumbs. Put a big dollop of crème on the bottom half (enough to scare you a little bit) then put the top on and gently push down. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect – you can clean around the edge with a butter knife and make it pretty. and use a pastry bag to pipe on the lines.
football whoopie pies - decorating

3.  Football bites
I came across these on Gimme Some Oven. Such a cute blog name , right?

  • favorite crackers (She used TownHouse because of their size/shape)
  • summer sausage, sliced thin (about 1/8″ thick)
  • block of cheddar cheese, sliced very thin (about 1/8″ thick)
  • ranch dressing
Prep Tools:
  • 1 small, rinsed-out aluminum can (like from green chiles), or a small round cookie cutter
  • 1 ziplock bag, or frosting bag
On a sturdy cutting board, use the aluminum can (or cookie cutter) to shape the cheddar and summer sausage pieces into individual “football” shapes. Then assemble the football “bites”, by layering cheddar and summer sausage atop the crackers. Finally, pour some ranch dressing into a Ziplock bag, and then use scissors to snip a very small triangle from one of the bottom corners.  Pipe the dressing onto the cheddar to complete the football bites.

4. Football Buckeyes, 
I came across these on Pintrest, which led me to the Mom of many blog, but she only provided a photo .. still super cute idea!

These are just a few.. I will try to gather all my bookmarks tonight, and move then to my  Pinterest account, so I can share more with you tomorrow!

Do you have a favorite tailgate item?? Please share.. 

My past tailgate ideas are all listed under the recipe-appetizer tab to the right (of click this link to visit)

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