Wreath Inspiration from fellow Blogger

One of my favorite blogs that I follow is Monograms and Manicures! The blogger is a fellow Panhellenic woman with a love for all things Pink, Green and Lily! How can you not love that??? Recently she posted about creating a bow wreath. I must disclose that the photos below are from her blog, as she walks readers through how to create one of their own! She noted that the entire process took about an hour and half, and was quite simple. She used various types of ribbon, and cut them all into 6 in strips tying them on the wire wreath form! With that being said, first thing tomorrow morning, I am headed to Hobby Lobby to pick up a wire form, and am looking to create a fall Seminole Football wreath, with some ribbon I already have (Garnet, Gold, and then white with football) I will be sure to post the finished product!

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