Bistro Table in the making

   Ever since C & I found the set of lyre chairs on craigs list (which I just realized I have yet to blog about) You one of the chairs here. But I will make it a point to find a before photo, and share the painting photos from my brother in an upcoming post! C & I have been on the look out for a Bistro table to accompany them. I was starting to get anxious with football season starting, I know that fall is around the corner, and I am looking forward to C & I grilling and eating outside..
     I had pretty much called off the search, as I refuse to pay more than $50.00 for a table, and I knew that I could find one. So yesterday C & I were walking thru TJ Maxx and I came across the below table. Which while ugly in it'ts current state, I knew it had potential. The best part is it was clearanced, due to the fact that it only had one chair to go with it. Well forget the chair, give me the table. So for $20. we took the table home..

 We then went to Ace Hardware and picked up some Rustoleum Hammered Spray Paint in black and got to work.
 Below is the table after coat one. We will apply coat 2 tonight when I get home from work, and hopefully after that we will be good to go! I can't wait to show you our table and chair set when it is complete.

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