DIY - Doormat style

It all started on Pintrest! As my friend Peyton and I were pinning along, we came across the above mat, and decided we "needed" one. We then headed to the blog of the original pin, Sweet Something Designs, and quickly learned that this mat was not only relatively inexpensive but super easy to make. 
We headed to (insert GASP here, b/c I NEVER shop there) Wal-Mart, and picked up the below mats for 6.97 each (crazy good deal right) If you go, make sure you look them over, as some had defects, so we searched thru the piles for the keepers

 When then used a plate to trace out an outline of the outer black circle using a sharpie My Magnolia Lane dinner plate was the perfect size for all of you that collect Magnolia Lane.
 We then stenciled our designs. Peyton opt'd to go with the initial of her last name, Molly (another friend we invited over for "craft day") opt't to make it for her boyfriend and used his last name initial, and I went crazy and opted to create a Halloween mat (since C & I already have an everyday mat, & we don't share the same last initial)
Peyton and Molly used letters enlarged in word as a guide and freehanded the letters, 
you could also use a ruler or a stencil. They then used regular acrylic craft paint and a artist brush to paint. You can see the finished products below.

Ok my pumpkin is not fully finished, as I will be adding the jack-o-lantern face when the orange paint is dry

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