Gearing up for employee appreciation week

Free Compliments Poster : BreakroomEdition 

Ok, so next week is employee appreciation week at work. This is the one week each quarter when we come together as management team and strive to amaze and shower the employees to let them know how much we appreciate them. 

I must say that our store is quite good at doing this year round, from baked goods, to snacks and drinks in the fridge, to notes and "applause cards" 

We have broken down the week so each day a manager is owning a day and/or group of people. We are using the stationary I made the managers to write personal notes to the staff, and then we are giving goodies bags of candy (more to come on that) on Sunday to kick off the week, and stocking the fridge and bringing in baked goods on Saturday to end the week.  The days in the middle will be filled with goodies from each of the mangers.

On my day, I am sprucing up the employee break area, the couch will soon have new pillows and a blanket, and this handy download that I found at Kind over Matter blog. It is a compliments posters for the break area.. too cute right??? Click here to download one of your own!!

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