fluer de leis find!

I took C to Hobby Lobby for the 1st time yesterday, to say that he was overwhelmed is an understatement. Just as we were about to leave he spotted the below red Fleur de Leis and we both knew we had to purchase it. Our guest bathroom is simple decorated in black and white. We have artist sketches of some of the historical places in New Orleans and have been looking for a large Fleur de Leis for above the commode. We found a few on ETSY but after shipping they were not quite the deal anymore.

So we scooped up the red Fleur de Leis, and as soon as we got home I gave it a quick make over with a can of black spray paint. This am it was dry and it is now hanging, and looks great!

I will be sure to take pictures of the rest of our guest bathroom this week and share!


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