Love of Wine + Crafting = Amazing Wreath

 You might of noticed the large cylinders in my previous post full of wine corks. I saw a display in a restoration hardware window display years ago, and knew I had to have them. They are so versatile. I can fill them with corks, ornaments (during the holidays), pincones (in the fall) etc, etc.

When removed the corks from them recently, I didn't want to store them away, rather I wanted to think of another fun way to display them, after thinking about it for sometime I decided a wreath was the best option.. I picked up a straw wreath form at hobby lobby (along with a few other upcoming project supplies) and was ready to get to work (well after Henry took a cat nap- apparently the wreath makes a great bed)
 I set the wreath on a box, so that we would be able to place corks on the front, and sides (careful not to get on the backside, so the wreath will lay flat on the door) With one person placing glue on the wreath (and side of the cork when needed) and the other placing corks, this only took about 30 minutes to complete. (well it is almost complete- we ran out of glue sticks. I plan to pick them up this week and finish the project)

I promise to pick up the needed supplies to finish this week, 
and post the final finished product on the blog!

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