Olives + Penguin Inspriation= Amazing

 OMG, ok if you know me, you know for some reason I find penguins the most adorable creature.. So when I was blog hopping and came across the amazing blog, Once Upon a Plate, and saw the adorable Penguin Olive guys below, I fell in love (Ok I also LOVE black olives) 

all you need are olives, carrots, cream cheese and toothpicks! 

You can bet that these will be at a Holiday party this year!!!
Thank you to  Once Upon a Plate for the ideas and I must credit the blogger for the above photos as well. If you make them, I am sure she would love to see a photo, feel free to email the blogger at  email: onceuponaplate [at] gmail [dot] com. Please note that the prior is not my email address, but that of the Olive Penguin creator!

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