33 Days till Christmas..

I am never one argue to put up Christmas decorations early. In fact, I usually argue that NO decorations go up until after my birthday on the 3rd. But this year, I have found myself wanted to put up my new Lyre Tree NOW.. What is a lyre tree??? Well last year, after Christmas, C & I purchased a small pre-lite tree that I am going to use to put all of my lyre ornaments on... I have been collecting Lyre ornaments since my initiation in to Alpha Chi Omega. It has become a bit of an addition. I am always on the search. And as it turns out, I am not the only Alpha Chi, who collects Lyre ornaments. I have made friends with sisters across the country thru Facebook, and we often buy and surprise each other with ornaments.

So this brings me to my predicament. Since we are closing on the house on the 19th of December, and will be moving shortly after, we have decided not to purchase our traditional big Christmas tree. I still want to put up the Lyre Tree, and my argument is since we will be taking it down early, we should be putting it up early, so we get the maximum amount of time with it..  Chris is still on the fence, so I've decided to share some Christmas Cheer in hopes of him coming around..

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