4870 Inspection photos

 Ok, so maybe the realator was right, and we didn't "have" to be there for the inspection. But I am glad that we were. While Rainey Oven (Bible- that is the inspectors name) was doing his thing. Chris and I went room by room, taking photos, measurements, counting outlets, light switches, etc. All the while, I am updating my "home notebook" with the information, and rearranging furniture in my head.

I know I shared photos of the house here, but here are a few more now that the house is vacant..
Above are photos of the to be guest bedroom. The prior tenants son lived in the room, it is currently green, but that is changing 
 Guest bathroom. The counter tops, sink and mirror will eventually change, but they will work for now.
 This is the living room and dinning room. We will be getting rugs/bound carpet to define the spaces..but i love all of the natural light!

 The two above photos show you the scale of the fireplace and cabinetry area.
 one view of the master bedroom
 tray ceiling in the master
 loving the 8x8 master closet. So much more space!
 I had Chris take this photo he was less than happy about it.
 an additional photo of the master bedroom, and then photo of master bathroom...


  1. What a GREAT house!!!! Looks fabulous! -Theresa