Brain Dump...

1. I have been far to busy lately, from work to volunteering, to house hunting, and everything in between. I have not had the time to blog, and it frustrates me.

2. Chris and I have been looking at houses.. (more on this in a seperate post) I am mega excited about making the house we decide on our home, and can't wait for this process (aka waiting forever for a counter offer b.c the seller is in Africa for a week) to be done with.

3. I went to try on rings with Chris. It was a one time deal. Yes we have talked about our future, and marriage, and life, etc, etc.. In fact we bought the 1,000 things to ask before you get married book, and have completed the entire thing (more on this in another post). Ring shopping was totally crazy EVERYTHING that Chris or I had thought we would love didn't look right on my finger. But we did find several that we both loved. Now it is up to him. As much as I HATE surprises.. this is the one time in life, that I am going to have to let it go. And I am ok with that b/c a. I have COMPLETE faith, he will pick something I love b. to me it is less about the ring, and more about the fact that I have found an amazing man to spend the rest of my life with.

4. Work is crazy busy, but in a good way. I just love the Holidays in retail.. from Holiday Floor moves, to props, to friends and family days, to Black Friday and everything in between the energy and excitement is contagious! Can't wait for the Prop party tomorrow night with the staff.. to finish "decorating" the store..

5. I am committing to myself to take a look at all of the items that fill my planner and do an honest evaluation of what I would like to keep on my plate in 2012... I would like to start this evaluation now, and give it tons of thought, b/c let's be real adding a move, new house, and potential engagement is going to add just a bit to my plate.

Thanks for listening.. or at least for letting me "type  it out"

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