Holiday is here..

Tonight, I am going into work with my entire staff to "decorate" the store! I am so excited to put the finishing touches on the Holiday floor set, but it got me to thinking.. What about decorating at my house???

I was initially super excited about decorating. This will be the 1st year C & I have been living together (just us) for the Holidays. Last year, I had just moved in with him, as my lease was ending, and his was not yet up. This made for an interesting Holiday as C lived with two other boys, and one of their girlfriends at the time. Now don't get me wrong, we had a real tree, garland on the fireplace, Fir Pine wreath, etc, etc. In fact all of the roommates had stockings, and we all bought something small for each other and had a gift exchange.. It was actually quite nice....

But this year it is just about us., and we had starting making plans. Well, until we started house hunting.. And now we will potentially be moving right before, during or after the holidays.. So now I am in a bind, do we decorate even if it won't be up for long? is it worth it to get a tree, if we will just have to repack everything?? How much is too little, or how much is too much??

I am not letting the above get me down, in fact, I am letting it motivate me to think of creative ways to decorate our current townhome, that will allow me to leave our "good" decorations packed. All the while, I am thinking of things I can create or make for our potential future home that won't take up to much room when packing..

Here is what I have come up with

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