November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Or at least that is what the internet tells me..
In honor of this.. I figured I would do a blog post about Beau. Beau is our "senior" cat, that we adopted a few months ago. We put our name on the list at the local shelter for a ragdoll, or Persian. C grew up with the prior and we wanted to eventually get Henry a friend. The local shelter called and let us know a ragdoll had been brought in. We went expecting to find a kitten or younger cat, but we were greeted by Beau, a 14 year old, Beautiful Ragdoll. At the time his name was Buck. But he responded to Beau. Which we decided was a much more fitting name, since he is so well behaved and preppy.
Beau has been a great addition to our "family" as he is already trained to use the litter box, not jump on the table, and never beg for food, etc. He did have a slight scratching obsession but we bought a scratching post and that has stopped. It is neat to see him slowly learn to play with toys as he watches Henry.. and in the past few weeks, he has started sleeping in the bed with us.. Though he tends to join us after we go to bed, and leaves before we wake up.. We only know from waking up in the middle of the night..

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