Paint colors & more..

Ok.. here goes it.. brainstorming for the new house

 Master Bedroom- Pittsburgh Paint Happy Trails.. this is the current color, & we are leaving for now, we may add an accent wall behind our bed, but are currently looking for a comforter/duvet color that we can both agree on- and will go from there. Additionally, we will be ordering a king mattress, so we are looking for furniture for that. More on the guest bedroom as it comes together..
Living area/dinning room/hallway/guest bath/Master Bath - Pittsburgh Paint Earl Gray at 75%
color show below is just plain Earl Gray, the paint is lighter at 75% We are going to leave the prior painted how they are. More on how we plan to decorate the guest bath, & master bath in another post..

Kitchen Pittsburgh Paint-  Sheffield Gray- ok we need help here. We are not a fan of this color in the kitchen/breakfast nook. It is too dark, and thus causes the area to look a bit smaller. We are open to suggestions. The issue is that kitchen opens into the dinning room/living room- and the area above the fireplace is painted this color to help the two areas blend.

We have a couple ideas. to just take it to 75% off the current color. 2. is to paint it a lighter shade of the Earl Gray above, say 50% to go a lighter cream..

 Color match of Pittsburgh Paints 549-6 Sheffield Gray* 

Office - Pittsburgh Paints Tabu
We will be leaving the guest bedroom the Tabu color below, and then adding an accent wall
 Color match of Pittsburgh Paints 412-3 Tabu*

the accent color wall is Benjamin Moor, dinner party. This is the closest to FSU Garnet that you can buy. This wall will showcase our diplomas, signed footballs,etc.

We are still debating on colors for the guest bedroom....

More to come..
Our inspection is on Thursday, so I will be taking photos of each room, & measurements so I can start planning furniture placement, etc.. 

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