Sooo... I have exciting news to share!!!.....

I am engaged!!!

Yes, it is true, Chris asked, and I said Yes! 

It, happened December 27th.... we spent all day the 28th & 29th calling family and friends & then sent out the below email Thursday Night to those we could not reach and to my Sorority Sisters & Chris's Fraternity friends...

I truly wish I could call each and everyone of you, but in an effort to tell everyone before it gets out on Facebook, Twitter, or heck just word of mouth, Chris and I have done, all we could to call our family, friends, and our "Greek Family" .. Being the holidays, I am sure you understand why the prior has been quite hard.. So I am turning to trusty email!!! 
So how did it happen....  
Well as most of you know Chris & I closed on our house on the 19th, and moved 22nd & 23rd. Being that I work in retail, I worked the 24th, and we hosted my family, & Grandparents for Christmas on the 25th/26th..... While Chris and I were insane,and worked to unpack nearly all the boxes (there are 4 left) & took on the task of repainting the house (nearly all done) One room was left to paint, the master bedroom... Before I left for work on the 27th, I asked Chris what he was doing that day, and he noted he would try to finish painting the master. I even talked to him on my break and asked him how it was going, almost done he replied.. Well, when I returned home I scurried to the master to find nearly all of the walls covered with "Will you marry me" "I love you" etc... Chris had followed me into the room, and when I turned he was on one knee. He of course did the usual, "I love you, want to spend the rest of my life with you, ..... will you marry me" Honestly, it is all quite a blur here, I said yes, and Chris had to ask me if I wanted to put on the ring, as I was so happy, and so in shock I didn't even do so.. ha ha!!! I think I did a little dance, we hugged, and chatted, and then we called our parents..  
Being that it happened so late at night, we were able to tell one friend, new neighbor and sister, Jenn Butler that evening (you might of heard her scream from afar) and then we spend Wednesday and Thursday telling those we could reach...  
I have attached some photos from the room, and photos of my ring! Chris is waiting on one of his brothers to call back,and then we will announce it to the world!!!.. but I of course wanted you to hear it from me (even if via email) and not on Facebook first..  
I am so excited to kick of 2012 not only in a new home, but as an engaged woman!!!  and am excited to share with each of you!!! 
I promise to keep the blog updated, as this year promises to be tons of fun as we embark on homeownership and wedding planning.. be sure to follow along at 

Ok, so the above was the email I sent out... so now that those close to me know, I of course have to announce to my blog followers!!! I am so excited about all that lies ahead.. and while yes wedding planning and homeownership will be fun, I am even more excited I have found the most amazing, dedicated, driven, and loving man to share it with.. because after all that is what matters most!!!

and to my readers: I promise not to turn this into a wedding blog, though I will of course be adding in posts about our home renovations, home decorating, (see Our First home link on the side to follow) and wedding planning (Our Simply Southern Wedding Link) ... but will still post my random travels, thoughts, recipes, Pintrests finds, etc

Oh, and for those of you who I'm sure will ask... I am obsessed with it! C knows me all to well, it is simple, classic and AMAZING.. it is something that to me is timeless.. I love the graduated diamonds on the side, I love the protected diamond up top (for those that know me, it is important)... I love everything about it.. and most of all. I love the man that picked it out & gave it to me!!!

of course be sure to follow me on facebook, and on blogspot!!! I welcome any and all wedding planning advice, words to the wise, etc, etc..


  1. Congratulations! What a fun and special engagement story! His "painting" will always be underneath! So cute!!


  2. Oh congrats!!!!! What a cute proposal, definitely haven't heard of this one before either. I wish you all the best! Love you!

  3. Love you, Love you, Britain! So very excited for you and your future hubby! He's a very lucky man!
    Jill Zemichael

  4. Thanks guys..

    Miss Andrea- i tried to convince him to leave one and we could paint/frame around it.. but id that it will fly

    Maddy, i must say he was quite creative.. im happy!

    Jill- thanks girl!