master bedroom

So the inspection went well, and the sellers have agreed to fix everything we wanted, thus we are exactly two weeks out from closing. We started packing today and got about 15 boxes done (mostly kitchen, some guest bedroom) We are going to try to do a few boxes everyday, so we don't stress. The plan is we will close on Monday, paint the rooms we want to paint on Tuesday, get the new carpet installed on Wednesday, along with the washer & dryer install. Then on Thursday, I will take off work for the day.. we will attempt to move everything we can! Friday we will continue to move/unpack.. and Saturday I return to work (it will be crazy busy, in a good way) and Sunday I'll spend the day with my family that is coming to town!!

One of the biggest things C & I wanted to get for the new home was a comforter for our bedroom. Truth be told our bedroom is the only room that have not worked on in our current home. Since 4870 will be "our home" I wanted to make sure we made our master bedroom a relaxing retreat.. C and I have both been looking at comforters but were not finding any we both liked. We found the below at almost the same time (C on the ipad, me on the computer) so we ordered.... I can't wait for it to come in. If we like it in person, we can then start to think about paint colors and such

Victoria Classics Cotton Stripe 24-Piece Comforter Set, Blue

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