Wedding fun!....

Soo.. I promise not to turn this in a wedding blog..

But.. since I am just engaged! everyone seems to ask: "when's the big day?" "what are your plans" "do you have any ideas" ..

So here is the deal, We are going to take some time to enjoy our new house, to unpack, to make the house our home.. We are going to take sometime to enjoy our engagement.. and then and only then will be embark on wedding planning..

So with that being said, we do know somethings..
1. We want a long engagement, we want to enjoy the process, and enjoy the planning, parties, an time together. so we are thinking Spring 2013. (Feb-Aprilish)
2. We want Navy for our main color with either pink or green as the accent.
3. We want it to be Simple and Southern, think mason jars, flowers, etc...

4. We want to ensure it is fun for our family, friends, and guests
5. We want to make sure it represents us, and is personalized! I want to make or take part in the invitations, decorations, etc..


  1. wow, that navy dress with the magenta/fuchsia roses and shoes = GORGEOUS. wow! if those are the shoes my feet need time to adjust :)

    He, he <3

  2. I love that outfit too JSBH! The shoes are yummy!! You can see why they are in her hands and not on her feet - haha - giant heels. But such and awesome color and adorable bow.

  3. yes ladies- Im obsessed with the color combo.. but torn between light pink=romantic and bring pink= statement... but leaning towards bright pink. I would love fancy pink shoes, but NOT that high.. never ever.. or they would be in everyones hands