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I must first by saying thanks to Amy Z for doing a great review of our local restaurant , Sweet Pea Cafe. I shamelessly borrowed the photos from her post for mine..

Chris and I are happy to have joined a group Twitter friend, who have vowed to become 'localtarians," or in other words a group of people who are dedicated to trying out local restaurants.. We all met up for dinner Thursday at a vegan restaurant that opened last year, Sweet Pea Cafe. The best part is that neither C or I did any research before hand, so we didn't realize it was vegan, until we were looking at the menu.

Amy notes, "It's a little place that sources many of its ingredients locally and specializes in sandwiches and brunch items. After you order at the counter, your food is delivered to your table. Extra points if you bring your own water glass or coffee mug (or take out container, if your order is to go)...There are a few tables inside and a large patio with covered seating outside."
Cute, right? Photo from the restaurant's blog
Below is  photo of the entire group!! So much fun!
John's photo he tweeted to Paula from dinner (she was in Orlando for work)
clockwise from bottom left - Jenn, Marc, Chris, Britain, Barbara, Jon, Bill, me, Chris, Abe (and Sara)
For dinner, Amy had a salad and the soup of the day which was Potato Bisque.
my soup and salad
Chris  Shad the Buffalo Fried Tofu (Panko fried tofu tossed in buffalo sauce with lettuce and tomato on multigrain oat bread) with poutine on the side (fries with chz and gravy).
buffalo fried tofu
Chris R had the quesadillas (Cheddar chz in a whole wheat, white, or gluten-free tortilla, w/ salsa & sour crm) with poutine on the side:

One of the highlights of the evening (besides the great company) was the amazing carrot cake. Jenny Sue tweeted me a photo of the cake from their page earlier in the day and truly I didn't have lunch, so I could indulge in carrot cake
yummmm. photo from the restaurant's facebook page.

Sweet Pea Cafe
832 West Tharpe Street
Tallahasseee, FL 32303

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