Tomorrow is another day

Scarlett O'Hara was right, "after all..tomorrow is another day."
Today was  an abnormally long day... Yes I had a long day at work, full of challenges, and new learning curves... but that is to be expecting while in an acting assignment for the position above mine. With that being said, after taking time to reflect upon today, I am mighty thankful I have an amazing leadership team, and sales team that are supportive of the new challenges we are taking on, and goals we are reaching for! Blessed I tell you, beyond believe. Blessed... and "Tomorrow is another day"
I often take it for-granted that I work for a truly amazing company that supports by work/life balance, one that supports my volunteer interests, & one that gives back to the community each and every day and encourages its employes to do the same.. this helps keep my priorities in check..
With that being said this past weekend, I was able, along with other advisors- facilitate a leadership retreat for 28 amazing collegiate women!! This was the 4th annual retreat.. You can view last years retreat here. The executive boards of the Alpha Chi Omega chapter from Florida State University and University of Florida traveled to St. George Island (SGI) for 3 days full of friendship, leadership, learning and service. We provide them with meals, team building, and break out sessions.. amongst other things..
But we had a little time to  take a break for photos on the beach.. Below are photos of FSU gals on the beach.. 
It is weekends like this past one that keep me grounded, and help me remember on days like today that "Tomorrow is another day"...

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