I'm engaged, now what's on my to do list???

So...... I have had quite a few friends get engaged recently, and they have asked " now what???

Well if you know me you know I love making lists.. So here is my list of things to do once we get engaged.

  1. Get A Manicure - My friend Cheyenne shared this with me. Your beau spend a great deal on the ring, the least you can do is get a manicure. You are going to be showing your ring off, taking photos of your hand etc.. So get a manicure and SHOW IT OFF
  2. 2. Settle On A Budget -  Sit down and have a conversation 1st with your fiance about the wedding budget. Who will be paying for the wedding you and your beau, your families, etc..    
  3. Insure Your Ring- If your fiance hasn’t done it already, you need to insure your engagement ring immediately. The jeweler where he purchased it should refer you to certified insurers. Your jeweler should give you  an appraisal slip which will be used to determine its value. Be sure to insure it for everyday where and not just special occasions.   
  4. Sign Up For Pinterest I honestly don’t know what brides did before Pinterest. Be sure to follow me (SimplySouthernGirl) You can find a ton of inspiration for all aspects of your wedding, and of course any all the events that go along with your big day!
  5. Choose weight lose plan and START If you are like me and plan to lose weight for your wedding, I am thinking why wait until the last minute and crash diet.   
  6. Pick A Location- The location — city and venue — is the most important decision you’ll make for the wedding. You of course will want to discuss it with your fiance and also both sets of parents. Once you have set a date and location- all others aspects of planning can begin. I am excited to share we will be getting married March 2, 2013 in Tallahassee, FL at Goodwood Plantation 
  7. Sign Up For Alerts, to get some great weddings deals. -  View the Wedding Sample Sale calendar- to see when vendors will be having trunk shows or discounts.. Sign up for alerts from discount retailers. You can view all of my favorites and get an invitation here. Sites often have daily deals on wedding accessories, stationary, shoes, etc..You can also set sale alerts in Shopstyle by designer name or specific product. I set a few up for wedding shoes!

    Well that is what I have done thus far.. more to come as I dive into wedding planning!!


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  1. Love this list! I'm getting married in June and I'd say these tips are right on the money, girl! :-)

    Excited about following your blog!!