Lyre Inspired

Ok so truth be told, I might be obsessed with the Ikat pattern above. It is a neutral tone, and reminds me of the Lyre of Alpha Chi Omega. Fellow Alpha Chi Omegas, do you see it?? It is available for purchase on Ballad Designs. But the questions is what would I cover and how much should I order?? C & I recently got a breakfast nook table and chairs & they need covered, but I don't think this is the right fabric for that room. This screams big comfy reading chair in our bedroom. It screams a big ottoman to be used as a coffee table type thing in our living room.. Hum.. thinking thinking..

The above are on OneKingsLane today! They are a steal, but I have no where to put them

OKL truly hit the Alpha Chi Omega cord in my heart today b/c they are also featuring Peacock fabric..


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