Quote of the day..

I've had a lot on my mind lately with changes at work. 
A good friend, Peyton reminded me of the below verse.. 
and then today I found the above quote.
Never be anxious for the next day, for the next day will have it's own worries.
-Matthew 6:34
 And while I have not made a decision, and am moving forward,they are still great quotes to keep in mind. However, I am looking forward to sleeping well tonight, as I am at peace with my decision, and I am leaving what lies ahead in God's hands. 

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  1. That quote and that verse are very powerful reminders. I am glad they brought you some comfort. I can certainly relate to the challenge of not giving in to worry. I'll say a prayer for you too! And I hope you can be at Food Truck Thursday and we can actually meet IRL!!!