baking crisis..

Ok not a crisis at all, just a want for a new pan, that I don't "need" but I want.. the "crisis" is that we don't have a HomeGoods in Tallahassee, and that is where this brand is sold..

Another exciting find. You may remember we talking about Danny So on my blog post here. I was searching for a dual recycling bin. Well in typical Britain fashion, I found myself spending more time on his site, and came across the square cupcake tin image above (on the far left). Now I am truly on a quest to find it! I would love to make individual brownies, they would be great for favors at a party, or for work! If anyone comes across one at a HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, or Marshalls let me know I would totally pay ya to pick one up for me..

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  1. Wow! I hadn't ever seen these before but they would make truly awesome party favors and being able to make only one or two brownies would keep me from eating the entire batch!