Food truck Tuesday...

Today the Florida Department of Business and Public Regulation hosted food truck Tuesday!! They did so to support small businesses and being attention to them.

C and I decided to head out to wish our friend Maggie ( who works at DPBR) a Happy birthday (today is her birthday!!) and check out the event. Many of the regular Food Truck Thursday Trucks were there, but there were some new trucks, I had not yet seen; below are photos of all of the trucks in attendance (sans the Bradley's sausage and hotdog stand.

I had not intended on eating at the event but have been wanting to try Sir Cheesy for a while now, I got half a Dani and half a Momma and they were quite good... C got the caprese and it was also good.. 


Oh and while we were waiting in line, I was approached by the local news to film a lead in for the food truck story ( gotta live Tallahassee, where food trucks are big news) ha ha


This week I participated in A lettered life blogs'  first ever Tasty Tuesday Linky Party!!  Every Tuesday they will give bloggers the chance to post a favorite recipe and then they will feature their favorites in the following week's post and on our Pinterest Board.  The rules are simple:

1. Follow.A lettered life they ♥ new followers! And are great at returning the favor!
2. Post your recipe below.
3. Link back to this post in the body of your post or grab our button!  Share the love with your foodie followers and fellow bloggers!
4. Show other guests some love - visit at least 2 others and leave them a sweet comment!

So head on over to A lettered life and check it out, be sure to tell Liz, SimplySouthernGirl sent ya! & let me know if you find a new recipe I need to try

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