Pitting Moms against each other is NOT ok..

Martin Schoeller for TIME

 So there’s this little magazine called TIME that came out with this little article about Parenting and the photo is attention-grabbing but in my opinion the article and its agenda has pit mom versus mom.

While I don't have currently have children, I know that I someday want them, and the article got me to thinking.... Mom always told me "Children don't come with a manual" and while parents have so many resources these days, many are conflicting, and others can leave parents with a sense of guilt.

As a Catholic, I have come to terms with the fact that I will always have a good bit of "Catholic Guilt" I have also come to terms with the fact that no matter how I choose to parent (when that day comes) that it will be the wrong way to "someone". (I am not trying to sound negative and know that on the converse that some will be 100% supportive) Why do I say this? Well, as I watch my friends become parents, I also watch them receive advice (often unsolicited) from family, friends and even complete strangers. And one of the biggest debates it seems is should a parent breastfeed or not..

It seems as though parents who don't breast feed are labeled selfish, or bad mothers for not giving their child nourishment, without thought as to why the parent has opt'd not to breastfeed, not knowing if they tried, or if there were medical reasons.

For those that do, many point and say "that is gross" or "how do you have the time" and "how long are you going to do that for" It seems that whether or not you’re parenting “right” or parenting “wrong” absolutely depends on who you talk to and the culture of the area.

In my opinion, Articles like TIME’s “Are You Mom Enough?” just dig at parents, and even somewhat pitt parents against each other. I have seen too many Facebook comments, discussions and even blog posts with parents defending, and demeaning breast feeding in the past week, and seen friends turn against each other. What I hope for the future is that parents will choose to engage in healthy, informative, discussions that enable each other to make informed decisions on the subject, and then find supportive networks to help each other thru child rearing..

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