Wedding weekend.. (not mine yet)

This weekend my Fiance, Chris- along with one of my good friends Jenn (JSBH), and her husband traveled to Orlando to celebrate the wedding of Tracy (former advisee) and her husband Ricky. It was truly a beautiful wedding. Very simple, classic, and exactly what I would expect from Tracy.. The couple were absolutely stunning and just oozed happiness.. Below are some shots I took (with my I-phone so excuse the crappy quality). Overall, we had a great time. It is always fun to attend the wedding of a former collegian, and celebrate! It was also great to catch up with several other former collegians, Katie, Jessica, Emily, Lyndsey, Natalie, and Catherine.. (with all but two of the prior being engaged or married themselves, I did feel my age a bit) ha ha
The couples first dance.. 
Cake cutting fun! The couple was cute, and did not shove cake in each others faces, but did place some frosting on each others noses! Since C & I had just attending our very own cake tasting, and had made decisions regarding our cake, it was fun to see what others had chosen. C & I had red velvet (and it was delicious) there was also a funfetti layer (which Natalie raved about) .
JSBH & I at the reception.. (while my hair was still straight)
C & I at the reception
C & I at the cocktail hour, (not sure why I tried to straighten my hair when it was raining outside)
I loved the simple center pieces with white hydrangeas, no surprise to anyone who knows me and knows my love of hydrangeas.
The wedding was at a beautiful Catholic Cathedral, downtown 
(will update with info when I find the invite)
The reception was at Grand Bohemian Hotel in downtown Orlando

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  1. That funfetti cake was delicious!! The whole wedding was so beautiful, so honored to have been a part of such an important day!