A day of interesting travel

Is today Friday the 13th??? Nope it is the first but today has been quite interesting and it is only 11am.

First getting thru security to the gate took 5min from car to gate (when does that happen)

Then my seat had a panel hanging that made noises the entire flight and left me wondering. (I reported to delta assist to look into)

Then on the "plane train" in Atlanta and I was the only one on the train (usually it is jam packed and you are lucky to have something to hang onto)

Then the train stopped between terminals and the loud speaker came on asking me to wait... 5 minutes later still waiting....

Then I arrived at the international terminal (no I'm not flying to Paris, just Nashville, though I'm tempted to change my flight)

So now I rest as my flight has been pushed back & I have an hour to relax in the beautiful new international terminal in Atlanta (comfy chairs, sky lights & clean clean clean) now I am going to spend the next hour dreaming of all the locations I "need" to go they so I can find myself here again

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