Burying the Burbon..

I think this one falls under the heading of “crazy traditions,” but I am still a bit disappointed in my "Southerness" that I hadn’t even heard of it. Have you heard of it???

My research googling/blog reading was inconclusive as to where this tradition began. (some sites say Tennessee, and some Virgina. However, all nod to Southern folklore saying that if you bury a bottle of bourbon at the site where the bride and groom are to be married, then it won’t rain on their wedding day.
According to many believers, this must be done exactly one month before the wedding, the bottle must be completely full and it must be buried upside down in order for it to keep the rain away.

So do you think Goodwood, would let us "Bury the Burbon"???
image from Southern Wedding Magazine 

What wedding traditions have you heard of? 
Did you do, or will you have any at your wedding?

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