Wedding Tradition- The Handkercheif

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Last week I found out about the "Burying the Burbon" tradition, and of course had to blog about it.. This lead me to researching other Southern Traditions, to determine what C and I wanted to incorporate into our wedding.

Something we were already planning on doing, just so happens to be a "Southern Tradition"- The Wedding Handkercheif.

As tradition goes, the wedding handkerchief is often kept and passed down from mother to daughter and from generation to generation. Early farmers thought a bride’s wedding day tears were lucky and would bring rain for their crops.

It has also been said that a crying bride meant that she’d never shed another tear about her marriage.

I will be giving handkerchiefs to loved ones to to dab away the tears of happiness and joy. I am also considering carrying a "hankie" of my own monogrammed with the my new initials, BRD (yes I have officially decided to become Britain Dwyre Riley (honestly I love the Dwyre, and I am proud of my family name, the Michelle, while named after my dad- Michael, is must more ordinary...

Anywho, I will be sure to update this post after the wedding, to share the handkerchiefs that I have choose, but until then they are in the "wedding closet" .. Yup, as we prep, and purchase for the big day our guest bedroom closet has been deemed the Wedding Closet.

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