wedding traditions- what to drink???

What to serve at the wedding????? We keep going back and forth on this one.

We have decided that 100% we will serve beer (from kegs, and bottles) and wine (red and white) 

We have designed, and ordered our koozies (yes I used a Greek licensed vendor, I am a chapter adviser, so it is 2nd nature)..
.... and we are thinking of ordering pint glasses as well. C came across a wedding with with a beer garden, and they had created the below adorable pint glasses... Our would have our wedding logo above of course.. but we are still thinking about it.. 
beer garden pint glasses 

So next up, what else shall we serve. Yes we will have water, and perhaps soft drinks for those abstaining from drinking alcohol. But do we need a "Signature drink" and if so what??  We set out looking for a drink that included bourbon or whiskey  thinking those would be "traditional Southern wedding" drinks, but is there a staple drink for southern weddings, do you have a favorite mixed drink that is a hit at nearly every party. We would love ideas... 
and as for as Non-Alcoholic drinks, in addition to water what about lemonade or sweet-tea, or should be do sodas.. Oh the choices..


  1. I think tea & lemonade are great additions. I don't think soda is necessary.

  2. agree with Libby 100% - signature drink, beer, water (you can have the caterers make it fancy by including plain and with cucumber), lemonade and tea. No Coke (though I love Coke).