Summer loving...

Wow, I can't get over how fast 2012 is going. Everyone tells me the older you get the faster the time goes by. It is funny to think about, becuase I remember clearly how long it seemed to take to turn 16, and 18, 21, 25.. and then before I knew it I was 30..

Well this summer was no exception. It truly flew by. I'd like to think that is because I had a pretty amazing summer. It was full of travel, and I was even able to knock off a few more states.. C's family had a family reunion in New Hampshire, and then C and I spend sometime in Maine before heading back to Florida

Yes, we had family reunion shirts.. they had a small moose on the front, with the year and location, and we all gathered for a family photo. When we got home C was able to show me photos from past years, it was neat to see the extended family as they grew throughout the past reunions..

The family stayed at the most adorable house, and were able to each have our own room, and personal space, but were also able to all eat together for dinner each night..

The above is a photo of nearly my entire drive from the Portland airport to New Hampshire, beautiful right? and so relaxing. I rolled the windows down, turn the radio up and jammed for a bit, then turn everything off and drove in silence thinking and planning....  
The entire family went to Mt. Cannon to hike the flumes, and take the cable car to the top of the mountain. While the above were fun, one of my favorite memories is the entire family just sitting on a hill outside the welcome center. First watching the kids roll down the hill, and then watching C's brother J roll down with them. It was also great to see C's nice A shadow J's girlfriend practicing yoga in the park! 
 The family also went Moose hunting! Yes I said it,the kids, including C and I had never seen a moose, so the family did a little research (aka asking the locals) on where we could see a moose, and we set out in a caravan of cars. Thanks to C's brother M, we were able to spot a Momma moose and her 2 kids on the side of the road, and were actually able to snap quite a few photos!
C and I also ventured to the Top of Mt. Washington, which I will blog more about later this week
After leaving New Hampshire we  headed to Maine, where we were able to enjoy the nearly perfect weather while sightseeing.. The Portland Headlight was one of my favorite lighthouses.. 

After lighthouse crashing, we stopped at the Lobster Shack. The Lobster Shack was made famous from its appearance on Man vs Food. It was a hole in the wall restaurant, and the end of a dead in street. It has a beautiful view, but I am going to have to say, I was not incredibly impressed with the food. I had a lobster roll, and C had fish and chips. After our meal, we took in the view for a bit before heading to Freeport.

One can't go to Freeport without hitting up the ever famous LL Bean flag ship store. C and I spent 2 hours wandering thru the 5 store campus. They have everything from clothes to housewares, camping to cleaning, and EVERYTHING in between. It was quite an experience. They are celebrating the 100th anniversary and showcased items throughout the campus from throughout the years, it was great to see how they have changed and evolved but stayed true to their heritage, and reason for being founded.

more on our trip this week on the blog..

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