Halloween - Snacks for the season

    Sometimes, I think I should be an elementary teacher, I seriously do love me some bulletin boards, craft projects, and creative snacks! But alas since I work in retail, I channel my energy into snacks for the team. To of my latest projects are Jack-o-lantern oranges, and Mummy chocolates.. both were very simple..  For the oranges, I just used a basic Sharpie, and created various "faces".

 For the Hersey bar Mummies, I drew eyes on small slips of paper and tapped those to the Hersey bars. I think took white crate paper and wrapped it around the bar securing in the back with tape. I think these would also be cute, if you purchased the google eyes from Hobby Lobby and glued them on (I was just going for the no-cost option) using what I had around the house.

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