Ocotober localtarian Tweet up.. Birds Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack

Each month C & I meet up with a group of friends from our Twitter localtarian food group! Our "mission" is simple- EAT at  LOCAL TALLAHASSEE restaurants each month... and share the experience with others encouraging them to EAT LOCAL!!
(pardon the poor quality of the photos in this blog, they are all from my phone, or the phone of a member of our group) 
This month we met at Birds Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack. Birds is located, at the corner of Tennessee and Bronough streets.  The restaurant is quite the dive, but arguably serves the best burger in Tallahassee. (I still have not tried Monk's, maybe next month)  In fact "Birds" only serves oysters, and four different sandwiches along with the sides of onion rings, fries and coleslaw.  You can view the menu here.
(paula enjoying osysters)
The table started out with several servings of Oysters. I am quite proud to say, that C tried raw oysters for the first time, and truly enjoyed them. I must say I love some raw oysters on a saltine with some crystal!

 Following Oysters the table was filled with various sandwiches. I opt'd for a burger (left photo) with grilled onions, blue cheese, and mushrooms), while C opt'd for a burger with Cheader, onions, lettuce, and tomato. The burgers are 10oz, (you can also order a 20oz) and always feature a large pickle secured to the top with a knife. The menu offers a range of toppings from peanut butter, and bananas to pineapple and eggs.  Any burger lover is sure to be in heaven.
And while the debate on the best burger in town ensued, so did the debate on the most handsome gentlemen in the establishment. Many votes were cast for handsome Abe (above).. But the vote is out until our next meet up..  Abe & his wife recently blogged about their previous trip to Birds Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack here. Be sure to check out their blog, as they are quite the foodies, and offer reviews on many local restaurant.

Overall a good time was had by all, and the table went hom ready to watch the debates.. 

 Until next month.. Eat Local!!!

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  1. Love it! And we can't have a decision on most handsome man without Marky-Marc and Dr. H!! Perhaps JSBH and I can make campaign posters for them... lolol. Great write up, B, of a delish dinner with friends!