Tis the Season for Shutterfly Holiday Cards

* This post is sponsored by Shutterfly, but the content is all my own, from personal experience!!

Can you believe that Christmas is only 66 days away!?!?! Crazy right? 

     It was been a BIG year for C & I, we bought a house, got engaged, adopted a puppy, lost a cat, and traveled throughout the United States! I did something different this year, and updated our "Holiday Letter" as the year went on! Of course it will still require some updates and editing, but the painful multi- hour process of me compiling the letter for our holiday card has been lifted!
    This is a good thing since Wedding planning, and home ownership (translate Holiday Decorating) will be adding more to my plate this year. So what about the card?

Let's be HONEST... 
I love Christmas Cards.
I love sending them. 
I love receiving them.

Last year, we had a good friend capture some great images of C & I to use for Holiday cards! I was so thankful for the images, but had a ton of trouble figuring out which card to use (call me indecisive)

I loved the simplicity of the Black and White, but thought C & I's first holiday card together should be something a little more colorful.  Below are the two options I could not decide between..
In the end we went with the below colorful image, and I could not of been happier. My close friend Paige created the card, and C designed a return address label that went with it! We even created gifting stickers for wine bottles and packages that we used throughout the year!
So what is next? 
What does 2012 bring? 
I am SUPER excited that Shutterfly has some AMAZING options for Holiday Cards.  
I have ordered from Shutterfly in the past, and the reasons I will be working with them again are:
  • The use Premium Card stock
  • You can customize and change your font (I love this)
  • Most of their cards, give you room on the back to write a personal message 
    • yes I do this, and hence why I have to order cards early, so I can do this
  •  They have so many options to choose from
C & I will be taking our engagement photos next weekend & will most likely be using one/some of the photos for our 2012 Holiday Card. Call me crazy, but I have decided to look at the Holiday Cards in advance, to ensure that we capture a photo that will work! Shutterfly has so many options to choose from. From traditional colors to bright modern colors. Lucky for me they have TONS of photo card options.  (they also have scripture and Hanukkah cards, for my friends that opt to go that route)

Here are a few of my favorites....

This Southern Girl, loves the Monogram, but this will have to wait till 2013 when our last names are the same! 

Good news for my readers Shutterfly has a TON of SPECIAL OFFERS. In fact in addition to their offers of cards, they offer discounts on address labels, calendars, and my personal favorite photo books. 
(I make a book for each of our trips, more on that in a upcoming post)

I would also encourage you to connect with Shutterfly on Social Media so you can stay up to date on the latest news, giveaways, and promos.
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So what comes first for you the photo or the card? Do you have a favorite from Shutterfly? (maybe it will help me make my decision). If you end up going with Shutterfly, I'd love to see your 2012 Holiday Card..
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  1. How. Fun. Can't wait to see your engagement pix!!