I want to travel all over the world!

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  One of the many blogs I follow is Aspiring Kennedy. Blogger Lauren Knight blogs as she travels for both work and fun and documents her travels on her blog. She is Genuine, Captivating, and Inspiring. Overtime I have come to love reading her posts, and 

As many of my family, friends and fellow bloggers know, C & I  LOVE to travel, We have individually traveled across the US, and have been to 28 states together. You can read about some of our travels here!! & one of my new years resolutions is to work on blog entries documenting individual cities with things to do, places to eat, sites to see (I get asked for these semi-often, and have many emails/photos I just need to gather & put in one place) 

 The plan is once we are married, to alternate our travels each year, mixing domestic & international! Since I have FIVE states left- we would LOVE to knock those out! Hawaii, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, and Michigan.. get ready for us!!!

As for internationally C & I each made a list of our top 10 international locations we would like to visit, we will start with those that overlap & go from there.. 

To circle back to Aspiring Kennedy, In the states C & I have made it our mission to take a photo with a state sign when possible, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how Lauren and her mister take a kissing photo in each location they visit!  So precious right?? If I can get C on board we might have to follow suit when we hope the plane and go abroad!

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