Lyre Loving.....

Above is the my annual Lyre Christmas Tree. Over the years I have accumulated quite the collection of Lyre ornaments, both myself, and from sisters, friends, and family.  Above is also the 1st lyre ornament I collected. As a new initiate of Alpha Chi Omega, in 1999, the new members decorated the Chapter House for the Holidays. The Tree at the chapter house, was full or lyres, and angels. I picked up the above ornament 
Above are ornaments that I have all received as a gift from friends and family
Above are three ornaments that Chris found and bought for me over the past few years. 
The above ornament is from former collegian Natalie, she bought it while traveling out of the country. It is hand cut wood. The detailing on it is beautiful!
The above ornaments (front & back) are from friend, Marlene who owns  Sorority Spirit  
The above from left to right  1. Found in Amelia Island during my bachlorette wknd,friend Amy Z and I have the same one. 2. Found this year at Hobby Lobby (bought extras to exchange) 3. Received from sister Tami in Arizona who also has a lyre tree!
Above from left to right  1 & 2 both from BH alumna Lynn who shared lyre/angel ornaments with me. I kept these two treasures and shared the remaining angels with the chapter. Depending on the year, and those decorating many can be seen on the tree at 518. 
The angel was the 1st I found duplicates of. I promptly bought one for JSBH, Tami, Patrice & Amy. So we can all share in our Lyre tree addiction.
The above were both finds during travels. The left ornament is the only African American angel with lyre I have ever been able to find. It is also this years shared ornament for Tami!
 Ekk! IDK where I got this little beauty from.
The above were all gifts (from left to right) 1. Brett (Beta Eta alumnae) 2. Handmade by Ashley (Gamma Iota alumna), Tami (U of Arizona alumnae- forgive me I forget their chapter letters)
The above are some of my favorites (left to right) 1. found while shopping with mom, 2. From former house director Marie, 3. crystal Lyre found at Espisitos Nursery in Tallahassee
This is the beautiful Angel with Lyre Tree topper that Santa brought last year (aka Chris)
The above (left to right) 1 & 2 were found during one of C & I's travels, and 3 was a gift  
The above left was a gift from besties JSBH & Amy Z- it is the Alpha Chi Christopher Radko ornament. and the left was a gift from a non- Alpha Chi Friend. 


  1. How can I not rush to comment on this post? :-)
    I really love your collection, and all of the memories you pack into that tree year after year. It's really lovely and I so completely admire your sisterhood and continued commitment to one another. :-)

  2. Oh how I wish I was this organized! I can't remember where all mine have come from! My daughters, age 16 and 21, have grown up with my Lyre tree. They can't wait each year to help me put it up. Each of us has a favorite and I have trained them to have an eye for Lyres when we are out shopping. I love your tree, B.! Merry Christmas! xoxAxoAxo