Wedding flowers

I promised back when I got engaged, that I would not turn this into a wedding blog, and so far, I have done a decent job of blogging about a mix of things (or at least I think so) .. but now that we are quickly reaching 90 days out, I feel like I have more and more wedding things to blog about.

In an effort to remain true to my promise I am going to start doing Wedding Wednesdays.. so I can work to compile all of my Weekly wedding photos, thoughts, inspiration etc into one post! Now don't hold me to this, as I know an extra post will sneak in here and there..

So today's thoughts.. Flowers... I know I want Simple, I want mostly white, with a little bit of blue, and I am not opposed to light pink.. But there are so many flowers to think of, my bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, table centerpieces.. In an effort to compile my thoughts, below are my favorite finds thus far


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