Bridal Shower Fun!

This blog post is borrowed from my bestie, and bridesmaid Amy. She did a wonderful job recapping my shower. Such a good job in fact that I was not going to blog about it. But since several of my readers have inquired, here it is!!! Yes, her blog post is copied below to share with you!
Saturday we celebrated Britain's bridal shower with a brunch at Jenn's house, hosted by the bridesmaids. Here are a few photos of the fun!

The gorgeous and amazing praline cake was from Au Peche Mignon, our local French Bakery. Thins layers of very light yellow cake brushed with rum then sandwiched with praline mousse - divine! The edges were coated in crushed pecans and the top in slivered toasted almonds and powdered sugar. Each bite melted in your mouth!

The flowers are in the wedding colors and similar to the arrangements Britain and Chris will have at the wedding. See close up photos of the cake and the flowers below. 

Our brunch offerings included mini-quiches (ham, red bell pepper and shallot as well as mushroom and leek, both in fillo dough cups), a yogurt parfait bar, mini-muffins, caprese on a stick and a wonderful citrus salad with feta cheese. 
the buffet
On the left, caprese salad on a stick - grape tomatoes, basil and mozzarella (some with pepperoni, some without) with a wonderful vinaigrette dressing for dipping; on the right, citrus salad with feta and mint. 
At top left: peanut butter chocolate chip muffins; top right: carrot cake muffins;
bottom: berry muffins with blueberries
The yogurt parfait bar included three kinds of yogurt (plain, light blueberry, and Cabot Creamery vanilla bean Greek yogurt, which is amazing by the way) as well as homemade granola and a variety of nuts and dried fruits. 
Our shower game - guess the age of the bride in each of the photos. It was really fun - Jenn won, she got 6 of 10 correct! (For the record, I only guessed 3 correctly!)
This photo of the bride and me was taken by the Matron of Honor, Joy - as were the next three.
Another view of the yogurt parfait bar - sharing it because you can see the cake table in the dining room, through the arched doorway on the right. On the table are the favors, pink lemonade cupcakes, baked by Jenn, in cute little pink and navy boxes. Also, hanging from the pot rack are the great crepe paper rose balls Joy made for decorating. They were really neat.
From left to right: bridesmaid Michelle, Britain, Chris's cousin, Alexa, Chris's Aunt Fabiana and Chris's Mom, Donna.

Flower girl Lottie, daughter of the Matron of Honor, with her Aunt Stephanie. 
A gift from the bride - strawberries from Plant City! We ate them all in less than 24 hours!!
Close up of the cake
Close up of the flowers


  1. A yogurt bar... never thought of that for a shower, but LOVE the idea! Can't wait to share this on Twitter. Our fans will love it.

    Many thanks from the 1200+ farm families who own Cabot for giving us a mention.

    1. Regan of course! A fellow alpha chi works for Cabot so we try to always support