Wedding Wednesday -DIY Cotton Boutonnieres

C decided he wanted to wear Cotton Boutonnieres. Seems like a reasonable request right? Well, that is what I thought until I started searching for them. They are much harder to find then one would think. I was about to throw in the towel, and my mom happened upon a Handmade Weddings book at the used book store! Flipping thru the pages I found COTTON BOUTONNIERS!!!!
 I showed C, and he was 100% on board. He ordered cotton (left) from Floral Cotton, the Texas tallow (right), lavender (below), clear floral tape and boutonniere pins from Save-On-Crafts. I purchased the navy ribbon from Hobby Lobby.
 All of the supplies arrived quickly and were of excellent quality. I rallied one of my bridesmaids JSBH to help me with the "crafting"... her hubby also came over to "supervise" .. He is British, and actually read thru parts of our honeymoon itinerary ,and provided comic relief. So here is what we did!!!
Here’s what you will need for 12 boutonnieres:
  • Cotton (I bought 24 bolls, I worried, I would break a few stems, I didn't so now I have extra)
  • Texas Tallow (two bunches)
  • Lavender (optional, 1 bunch)
  • Floral Tape ( I opted for clear)
  • Ribbon (I chose navy to match the bridesmaids’ dresses)
  • Boutonniere Pins (I chose pearl ones to match bridesmaids necklaces)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors

 Group together 2 sprigs of lavender, 1 boll of cotton, and cluter or two (depending on size) of Texas Tallow. Wrap the prior with the floral tape  so it stays together. Then place a small dab of glue on the end of the ribbon and secure to the top of the stems, wrapping the ribbon from top to bottom and back up. Add one more dab of glue to secure the end of the ribbon.

 We created the smaller boutonniere with just lavender and Texas Tallow for the ring bearer.
I am quite happy with how they turned out, and the Mister is over the moon! I would recommend this to any DIY Brides, as they are fun to make and turn out great!

and below are a few additional photos of the boutonnieres...

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