Hopes Bridal shower.. too adorable not to share..

One of my fellow sorority sisters and good friends recently had the most adorable shower. it was too cute not to share. Her amazing MOH, handmade all of the decor, the food was by Big Wheel Food Truck, and the memories.. well all attendees were to thank for that!  Enjoy the photos below!!!

Guest were greeted by this adorable tissue paper H, for Hope.
 She also created an adorable tissue heart, and enlarged her invi

The MOH made several adorable banners!
The favors sported another cute banner, and were succulents (one of Hopes favorites)
Big Wheel Food Truck, may have provided the most amazing food, but the MOH provided the adorable food labels!
and of course amazing desserts and drinks
and below are some additional photos that were too cute not to share!!! I must say this MOH did an amazing job hosting a shower, that was simple, made with love, and memorable!

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